Kirby Moor House

At Kirby Moor house we provide therapeutic care for children and young people aged 8+ who have experienced early childhood trauma and disruptions in their care. 2 skilled teams of 5 support up to 6 children and young people within the home.

The staff at Kirby Moor House pride themselves on the therapeutic and nurturing approach in the care the children receive. Our home has a family atmosphere where the children feel safe, secure and cared for allowing them to grow and achieve their full potential.

Opportunities to strengthen personal resilience are promoted and incorporated into daily living. This leads to great improvements in friendships and social ability within the home and in the wider community allowing them to grow in confidence. Staff work alongside children in a staged approach to teach self-care skills, such as support with personal hygiene, keeping their rooms tidy. This eventually involves independent living skills in preparation for their futures. This includes where appropriate, support with more specific independence skills such as meal planning, cooking, washing clothes and budgeting whilst providing a safe arena in which to rehearse these skills.

The voices, wishes & feeling of the children are always listened to and we make our home a fun place to live and call home. Every room has been shaped by the ideas of all who live in the home including their own bedrooms. There is immense pride felt by young people about their home. This foundation enables great progress, the home is settled, welcoming and highly nurturing.

Kirby Moor House is located in a quiet town surrounded by beautiful countryside where they are lots of opportunities for adventure. All of the children at Kirby Moor House are encouraged to plan out weekly activities to enjoy with friends or 1:1 with staff. Some of the activities the children here enjoy are Trampolining, water sports in the Lake District, cinema and there is a skate park next to Kirby Moor House. There are many opportunities to also join clubs and groups such as football, gymnastics, rock climbing and youth clubs. We encourage the young people to join clubs and groups as this promotes growth, independence, social skills and skills in forming positive relationships

Long-term and shorter assessment-based placements are available. Close multi-agency and family working facilitates next steps. Where appropriate, incremental integration with a child’s family leads to positive transitions and our time-bounded support means long-term relationships and placements can continue.