Pupil Premium

Kirby Moor School is committed to being a fully accessible and inclusive organisation which welcomes diversity. Meeting the needs of all students underpins all our teaching and support services to ensure the best learning opportunities and experiences are provided for all our students.

Many of our pupils attending Kirby Moor would usually have been entitled to Pupil Premium. However, some Local Authorities have made the decision that they do not pay the Pupil Premium to Independent Schools.  Therefore, many of our pupils do not get the allocated PP amount. We have ensured that the placement costs are used in part to pay for areas which the Pupil premium would usually have paid for.

Items included 
After school and extended learning programmes£3000
Behaviour Interventions£5000
Digital technologies£2000
Homework Initiatives£2000
Mentoring and 1:1 Learning support sessions£10,000
Residential Activities£6000
Sporting Equipment to assist in out of school sporting clubs£500
Funding for 2 LSAs to develop skills to enable young people to become mentors.£640
Emotional Wellbeing session equipment: Calm boxes, art intervention, talk time£1000
Play equipment£500

Academic attainment, Social up-skilling, emotional intelligence and improved behaviour and attendance are all assessed, monitored and progress tracked. “Above Average” progress can be demonstrated for all pupils who would be eligible for receiving the pupil premium. Results are externally checked by the specific local authority for each pupil