Woodend House

Woodend home is situated in a beautiful rural location, ideally placed to care for young people aged 6+ who require a high level of emotional support. The home enables young people who have difficulty regulating their emotions to express, explore and develop.

Our home in a rural village has a big garden to have fun, create play, keep active, enjoy the fresh air, as well as having sensory input opportunities and provides a safe place. We have a unique sensory indoor space that allows the children to play, move, and or enjoy the sensory lighting to help them co-regulate. The lowrisk environment linked with the diverse and experienced staff team enables the children to have space for reflection, growth and to build coping mechanisms doing so in a safe environment as well as 1-1 supportive engagement. This helps to firm up their sense of self and feel confident in their identity.

Strong Routine filled days places the child and their needs at the centre of everything we do. Children participation is a key element to creating and developing their time with us, as well as helping them understand and cope with daily life whilst learning and growing.

Close links with school help and support the continuum of care and support to the children.

This home accepts long-term placements and assessment placements. Time bounded placements help a child and all involved in their care to build the necessary supports around their identified needs, at home over the longterm with family or foster carers.

  • Modern external sensory/play room in the garden. This space includes sensory play/lighting options, ball pit/slide, space for playing with toys, safe space tent, pool table, punch bag, or in just listening to music with sensory lighting.
  • 3 shared living areas for dining, relaxing and playing, and safe access to the home computer. Individually decorated en-suite bedrooms
  • Large fenced private garden for safe play with bikes, playing football, outdoor sports/games, swings, trampoline, as well as having picnic tables
  • Dedicated staff team for 1:1 working