Warwick House

We offer longer term therapeutic care for children and young people aged 7+ who require ongoing specialist support. This 4 bed home is staffed for 1:1 care which is critical for attachment building and behavioural change. Also includes a purpose built playroom.

We create and provide a safe place for the children to grow, develop coping mechanisms, learn emotional self or co-regulation, achieve progression and success as wll as having access to opportunity including socialisation/ leisure and learning life/independent skills that will prepare them for their future.

We actively involve the children in shaping and enjoying their time with us. We seek to work together and staff are highly attuned and interested in the children and their life and growth.

We promote plenty of physical activity as this assists the children with sensory processing opportunities as well as keeping them fit, active and meeting their health and well-being needs. Physical activity and movement also helps us assist the children in building emotional resilience and in allowing them to express their thoughts/feelings and emotions in our safe and nurturing environment.

Strong routines and structures support our children’s day; the predictability builds up the security felt by a child. 1:1 staffing provides attachment-based care and the valued attention every child needs.

We work with the children in building and developing their skills including their life skills and independence as this supports any potential re-integration to foster care and/or a return to home.

We encourage and support the children to find, join and attend groups and clubs and to attend with the aim of allowing them to develop their social skills and have opportunity to build friendships.

  • 3 living areas, that allows a wide range of options for the young people such as TV room, games consoles, arts & crafts room, safe access to the computer
  • Individually decorated and personalised bedrooms
  • Access to many sports clubs & leisure activities to support socialisation
  • Town location offers opportunity to access Transport Links to support development of Independent Skills