Kenilworth House

We nurture and support young people aged 7+ who may have a diagnosed autistic spectrum condition or similar behavioural traits. This 4 bed home operates with 1:1 staffing to help lessen anxieties and facilitates the focused attention these children and young people need.

Our nurturing, homely and child friendly home, has been developed with input from the Children who live in it, and for some who call it “home”.

Strong routines and clearly structured days create and provide a safe, stimulating environment, that also allows us to explore and have fun, whilst supporting and promoting opportunity and development of social, emotional and life/independent skills.

We keep busy and active doing many activities, including sensory activities, learning how to play, learning and building coping mechanisms to help with co-regulation and self-regulation, as well as creating healthy, happy lifestyles, shared experiences and promoting socialisation options.

Children are listened to, encouraged to grow, learn new skills, build self-esteem/ confidence and know they are important and that their input is essential in ensuring their time with us is tailored to their specific needs.

A strong, consistent staff team create and provide a safe environment.

We help create learning opportunities in line with personal development that prepares a young person for their future in conjunction with the important people in their life.

  • 4 Living spaces designed and updated by the young people, to provide different activity options/ spaces including TV-Sky room, Quiet/ Arts and Crafts Room with sensory lighting options, Games/Console Room with safe computer access. Dining space, that also includes pool/table tennis options
  • All bedrooms are en-suite, and personalised by the children to meet their tastes/age
  • Access to Many sports clubs, cadets & leisure activities
  • Town location offers opportunity to access transport links.