Our homes

Our nurturing and child friendly homes have been developed with input from the young people who live in them, and for some who call it “home”. Strong routines and clearly structured days create provide a safe, stimulating environment, that also allows us to explore and have fun, whilst supporting and promoting opportunities and development of social, emotional and life/independent skills.

Young person playing alone outside

Therapy in the home

Forming positive relationships and providing safety are at the centre of our therapeutic care. From this nurturing foundation children can begin to see the world through a new lens to make positive and lasting changes in their lives.

All our care teams are trained in attachment and trauma informed care, meaning children’s complex needs and behaviours are understood and addressed at an emotional and physiological level. These developmental deficits are worked with relationally within the care home environment.

Our therapeutic approach

One to one Psychotherapeutic counselling

Whilst the daily emotional and psychological needs of the child’s are attended to in the home each child also accesses weekly one to one psychotherapeutic counselling with an experienced and accredited child therapist. This is long term therapy in which the child is free to express and explore their inner world and experiences using play, non-verbal communication, creative and somatic modalities.

Therapeutic assessment and Consultation

Each child receives a comprehensive therapeutic attachment-based assessment when they join us. This formulation considers the impact of early childhood and life history, their ability to regulate emotions and how this is expressed through behaviour. Staff are guided by our therapeutic consultant, receiving monthly clinical supervision and support with specific challenges as they arise.