Herdley Bank

The Herdley Bank site is a specialist annex to Kirby Moor School situated in Coanwood, Northumberland. Here the focus is educating pupils who’s social, emotional and learning needs require a high level of nurturing approach. Many of the pupils need a much higher level of predictability and routine.

We aim to help children to be ready to engage with learning, to manage the anxieties they experience and to express themselves with increasing emotional literacy and confidence.

The pupils at Herdley Bank need support to develop their Emotional Literacy. Here our more vulnerable pupils can excel, we tailor the education and the learning environment – through visual clues throughout lessons, designated specific learning areas within classrooms and with multi-sensory teaching so we can meet specific needs. Staff have expertise in working with children with more complex needs and those with a combination of difficulties including:

  • Autistic Spectrum Condition: Children displaying signs or traits of autism (with or without diagnosis).
  • Asperger’s or high functioning autism
  • Attention and concentration difficulties
  • Attachment Disorders and Anxiety related difficulties
  • Young people deemed hard to engage due to mental/emotional health needs including ‘school phobia’

The Herdley Bank Centre offers pupils learning and growth within a holistic, nurturing environment. Practical, hands-on activities are underpinned by the National Curriculum and supported by individual programmes and planning. We have a comprehensive assessment and tracking system which ensures pupils are taught at a level which leads them to thrive.

The location promotes a calming environment. The facilities and teaching lead pupils to make outstanding progress. Individual carefully planned robust transition programmes are in place to help to support our pupils when they are ready for the next stage of their education. This can be into Kirby Moor School, mainstream school or college. to be able to do this we invest greatly in the robust training and development of our staff and in their own pastoral care. In groups Teaching and support staff access clinical supervision to effectively account for emotional responses and support the mental health of our staff team.

The pupils are taught through a Primary model with a set class group based in a set classroom and a class teacher and class based Learning Support Assistants. This means less change throughout the day and a consistent staff team.

Our facilities include:

Classroom icon

5 large classroom bases

Quiet spaces icon

Quiet spaces around the school

Outdoor undercover learning space icon

Outdoor undercover learning space

Pastoral support icon

Pastoral team and support services

Garden space icon

Garden area

Recreational areas icon

Recreational areas

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Assembly/Dining Room

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Qualified nurse